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Fall is officially here!

This season pumpkin mania is at fever pitch! They are literally everywhere. The change in our weather’s behavior has been a boon to the squash, and everyone is enjoying the bounty. Pumpkin butter, pumpkin pie, pumpkin biscuits and pumpkin breads are appearing on tables across the country. I don’t blame them. I love pumpkin too. It is certainly a Native American plant and our name for it in English, actually comes from Greek. The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon (πέπων), which is Greek for “large melon”. (Wikipedia)

 Well shucks! I had no idea! Ya’ll know I love Greek! Okay but anyway.

So I got to thinking about foods I’ve made with pumpkin in the past.

My all time favorite was absolutely pumpkin mousse.

I was making pumpkin breads for a client, and had some left over. Well what to do? Make dessert!

Here is a fun recipe for the luscious creamy rich concoction, and don’t blame me if you eat it by yourself.

I warned you! Share!


Chilled Pumpkin Mousse

8 oz pureed pumpkin

12 oz heavy whipping cream

3 oz or 3-4 egg whites

1.5-2 oz confectioners sugar

1 tsp finely ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp finely ground nutmeg

Start with a cold mixing bowl, beater attachments, or whisk (if you’re in a whisking frame of mind.).

Puree the pumpkin thoroughly and be sure there are no fibers remaining. Sieve if necessary. Refrigerate.

Beat the whipping cream until it reaches soft peaks. Refrigerate.

Beat the egg whites until foamy and gradually add sugar, continue to beat until firm peaks form, adding the spices toward the end.

Combine the cold whipped cream with the pumpkin, by folding it in with quarter turns of the bowl. 

Combine the stiffly beaten egg whites. When fully incorporated set to chill in the refrigerator at least 1-2 hour or overnight. 


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Happy Autumn!

From Deelish!

Pumpkin mousse - fluffy thick and creamy
Pumpkin mousse – fluffy thick and creamy

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