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Hi Foodie Friends! This is the time of year for great goodness! Gluten-free goodness is even better! So this Friday, my gluten-free blog is going Greek, courtesy of my dear friends in Crete, Greece at Porto Club Travel. We are whipping up some fun times there! In the meantime, stuff your face with Greek stuffed veggies!

Gemista - From Deelish! - Food Tours in Greece
Gemista – From Deelish! – Food Tours in Greece

I shared this last weekend on the Google Chat. I’m having another this Saturday at 4:30p EST. We are talking gluten-free food, experiences and sharing a recipe or two. Stop over and join the fun! Also this Friday, some dear friends of mine are kind enough to include me in their radio show: Food Talk with Chef Ernesto. They are a dynamic husband and wife duo, and just wonderful people. We are talking some gluten-free food facts there as well, and I’ll be explaining the recipe. It airs at 9pm EST. They are in sunny California. It airs at 6pm there.

Here it is in technicolor: Gemistas (Gluten-Free)

Pic: Informal kitchen classes during Food Tours in Greece – from a visiting class participant

You can use all manner of vegetables, large tomatoes, peppers (bell), small eggplant varieties, potatoes, the list goes on. ( I found some tomatoes called Climax tomatoes that were still in the fields here in NC. But do your best and enjoy the process.) The key is to accentuate the natural flavor and not overfill the veggie containers. If they overfill, they get messy all over the place. For rounded veggies, wash and trim off the bottoms so they sit flat, then core them out with a spoon or pairing knife. Small potatoes are good for the ‘small potatoes’ in your family! Or as appetizers – do what you like! They are easy, huh? Rub them with good olive oil and fill them up! ****************************************************************************************

Here is the filling- this is a veggie version, feel free to add meat if you like.
Take 1/3 of a bunch each fresh dill, parsley, mint or basil, ( I used a bit of both).
The farmers market had traditional basil and cinnamon basil, which is spicier aroma!
You chop those fine, and add the 3-4 oz onion, about one medium onion or 114 grams,
chopped small dice, especially for the mini potatoes
Then in Greece, they don’t waste food. They take the zucchini that was hollowed out and chop that to add in and a bit of the tomato is diced.
Also some plain rice- about 1 cup of cooked rice or 6-8 oz by weight or 170-225 grams.
The also add the juice of one lemon, at least a teaspoon of salt, some add more if they like more. This doesn’t have egg, so taste if you want.
The clencher is really good olive oil. You’ll want at least 2-3 oz or 1/4 cup olive oil or 60-88 mL.
To some , that is alot, but this doesn’t really have meat, so. If you have meat, maybe less if you want.
There is a tremendous amount of flavor in this dish. It has some complex elements.
I had some lentils cooked, so I added that in for some protein and it was great.
I eat meat, just not as much sometimes. I like variety!
If adding lentils or ground meat like lamb or beef, no more than 3-4 oz. or about half a cup is good.
Put the tops back on to keep the actual servings from getting too brown.
Bake in a 350 degree F oven or 177 degrees Celsius.
Zucchini doesn’t have much sugar, so those do okay with the olive oil drizzled over them.
These are peppers (bell), tomato, and eggplants.
Gemista Collage with Veggies - Food Tours in Greece
Gemista Collage with Veggies – Food Tours in Greece
So that way you can take the tops off and they still look nice.
I like to add a bit of the authentic feta cheese and some chopped herbs, The flavor is really great.
You bake them on 350 for about an hour. Check at 45-50 minutes. Depends on how you like your veggies. Then top with the cheese and nice little sprinkle of herbs if you want.
These are so flexible! Use small veggies for small hands, and kids would love being able to help with this. Its a great, flexible and fun way to get meals done, healthily.
Don’t forget to laugh alot, dance a little and have fun! It’s Greek!
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Happy Cooking!
From Deelish!

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