Life goes on.

It flows like a river

calling to the sun.

On and on

its pendulum swings.

As singular days

new challenges bring.

As pangs are swept

along the messy banks,

so full of reeds

and floating things…

As secrets are kept

close and damp,

in the attics of souls

from the light of day.

The travelers fumble

in their heavy chains,

groping and grasping

along the volatile way.

Rocks crumble.

Climbers stumble

and cry out to no one and all.

Vines grow.

Hands know

and bless the yearning ones who fall.

Still the path

stretches on and out,

an oasis verdant

and hanging there.

As passersby

breathe and sigh,

through the beauty found

in each new care.

It caresses those

who find its warmth,

seeking to remove the cold…

and holds them there

in its tight embrace

until the story has been told.




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