Indyweek Best of The Triangle 2014

It’s funny how a little time can change things.

This year’s Indyweek Best of the Triangle Party found me experiencing it from the inside out. It was held at the Durham Central Park Pavilion where the Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday, from 4-10pm.

As a member of one of the winners, Chirba! Chirba! Dumpling truck, I understood firsthand the hard work and dedication that earns the vote of the Triangle eating public.

Chirba truck with Nate

We take our food rather seriously in these parts. There are some wonderful trucks are out there eating up the miles across the Triangle and serving unique food only to be found here. But excuse my opinion please, when I say “We rock!” line at chirba

It was with joy, pride, and a serving of gratitude that I trotted out to see this year’s winners and say hello to folks. As I arrived, our bright yellow truck was one of the first sights to be seen, and the crew was working feverishly to supply dumpling lovers who came out. Okay, okay,  moving on… 🙂

Southern Season had a consistent line also with Vinho Verde and other white wine as well as chocolate truffles and toffees, draft beer flavored jelly beans, and ‘drunken’ chocolate candies.

La Farm was giving bread samples, and there were bagels in the house from Breuggers when I arrived. Coffee was big this year with samples from Cocoa Cinnamon, Joe Van Gogh, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters.

This year’s sponsor Rommel Harley had a selection of bikes on display, as well as a Black Dodge Viper GTS, plus the actual truck from Sanford and Son, sans any crude rotary devices such as wheels. (Just kidding.)


Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper GTS


sanford and son
Fun relic of bygone eras










Combustion Cycles, one of the most reputable scooter and motorbike repair shops and dealers in the area, was on hand with some cool rides as well.

If music is more your speed, there was a selection from High Strung Instruments on display. Owner Lee Raymond also serves as School Director for their listing of music and instrument classes.. Manning the booth were Damon and Matt, cool peeps who explained the whole thing. They carry everything from banjos and guitars to ukuleles and zithers…


Damon music shop
Damon at High Strung
Matt music shop
Matt at High Strung


ukelele harpsichord guitars and strings










Syntheia Finklepott – owner of Fairy Hair Flare offered to thread my hair, which means she has infinite patience, apparently.

Stepping across the aisle, I was confronted with an incongruous sight. There was a steam punk fairy flitting about and granting cosmetic wishes.

My main concern at this point is the necessity of adding acquisition of steampunk fairy wings to my bucket list now. How neat are they!?

gluten free, bpa free and gmo free
Don’t you just love that the sparkles are gluten-free, bpa free, and non-gmo? Because who would want them any other way, really?











Mirror, mirror...  and peacock feathers
Mirror, mirror… and peacock feathers
threading the needle
Using the technique to thread highlights into any types and textures of hair. Fun! Girls of all ages were waiting their turn for a little extra sparkle!














Speaking of hair, Posh the Salon was on site giving free color swaths to willing visitors, and Ryan-Ashley and Ray from Moshi Moshi means Hello had samples as well.

For the little tykes, there was a very interesting display of hand-tailored clothing with beautiful details by Little Grey Line..little grey clothes little grey clothes line








Let’s not forget the music!

Children of the Horn was laying it down in such a manner that they sparked a spontaneous Conga/Jazz/Funk line led by a very spry young lady in pink. She was getting down and funky like nobody’s business.

children of the horn
Children of the Horn

pink dancer









It is a fair statement that the Triangle is fun, unique, and cultured in a way that it has never been previously. One just has to love the mish-mash of cool, funky, hard-working and magical people who make up the residents and businesses of our area.

It was a cool Saturday, Durham-style!


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