Want More Gluten-Free Fun Times? Show Your Pride and Do Good!

There is such a thing as too much fun…

Yeah, right.

catherine's kids jumping in 2

Now really, for those of us in the gluten-free community, we never really have enough fun! There is always more to see, do, and explore of life in general. Still, one has to admit that food-challenged people can miss out on more than the average level of activity. Come, on… You know it’s true!

So we live very full, lovely lives, but I don’t see anyone complaining about the drudgery of having to connect with one another, raise awareness in the community, or just have fun when our circumstances allow throughout the month or year! ‘Oh, geez, are we having fun AGAIN?! Is this going to infringe on our OTHER FUN? Will the fun GET JEALOUS?’…and so on.

As a FUN planning professional, who also cooks and develops for a living, I can testify to the necessity of advanced preparation. I know people can think fun happens by chance, but we really just make it look that way. The very notion that people think this was easy means I’ve done my job well, with thanks.

me and Catherine Bailey at Ganyardmaggie damghani with adas cupcakes - winner

So. We’re in the midst of plans to get sponsors and more for the coming year, which is as it should be. Just sit and think about what you do on your job. Are you doing your budget for the end of quarter/end of year? Have your coworkers finalized 2015 business goals, if that isn’t your job? Well, FUN is no different! It needs legs to stand on, and we’re going to give them to it.

med deli pita table maggie damghani with adas giving speech rev

To start, we’re running a gluten-free crowdfunded t-shirt campaign which ends in just 2 days. They are supercool and will start shipping on Monday. You can reserve all you want, they only charge once the minimum quantity goal is met and campaign ends, on the 15th. There is a countdown and remaining t-shirt count on the page.

What do you have to gain? How about helping a family who is utterly new to gluten-free living and cross-reactivity? Or educating someone who is celiac and completely new to gluten-free on the dangers lurking in their own pantry? What about easing the transition in school for a child with severe allergies, and saving parents from tearing their hair out with teachers, or having a form of breakdown? We joke, but really. They need fun and we do too!

eric mayhew deb orol and cam

These are the kinds of things people learn in support groups, and those may need funds of some sort to exist. That is where we come in. A portion of our profits from the North Carolina Triangle Gluten Intolerance Fair will go to volunteer support groups or non-profits who are serving a purpose in their community.

The field is wide open, we have lots of choices for what we’ll do and how we’ll do it… and you know we like to do things a little differently… We’re looking to improve each year! Won’t you join the fun! Stay tuned for more as efforts continue!

Have suggestions? Email nctgif@deelishfoods dot com or contact us here

Just for fun….

Just a touch of winter wonderland...  The only thing that snowed was the corn!
Just a touch of winter wonderland… The only thing that snowed was the corn!
Our lovely gluten-free friends...slightly frosted!
Our lovely gluten-free friends…slightly frosted!

Happy and Healthy Living this Season!

from Deelish!


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