years walk 2015It had seemed such a difficult climb before,

but now, oh! It’s easy.

The steps were so much steeper before,

but look up! It’s just like breathing.

There’s so much farther to go…

There are many miles more to explore,

so many fascinating twists and turns,

with knotty roots and disappearing curves…

They’re just beyond the next bend,

just across the forest floor.

So let the leaves,

fluttering on the tender breeze

point the way,

dear traveler.

Let the sun shine down on you

in it’s dappled golden delight.

Let it’s beating wings flutter past

your sweet and curious face.

It is all alive

and guiding you

to your private stretch of shore…

The place where you can truly view

the teeming world from your own door…

And as the dusk slides down its silk

to gently fold you in,

You’ll find your heart is waiting there,

in the warm embrace of nature’s skin.

Hadassah P.


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