Your Morning Cuppa – A Brave New World


If you’re not aware, this has been a busy year.

Blogging has taken a back seat to other projects, published writings, and daily work and life.

That’s alright, because I’m enjoying life and discovering new things, as one hopes we all are.

But in the place I currently occupy at this stage of things, inspiration and space to think and breathe are having their way with me and bringing some needed changes. Sometimes I’ll share learnings here or in other works, but will protect the innocent, as is my wont.

Learning is a must for me. I know some people think they know everything, or have to. That’s a fallacy and a self-deception. Learning is life and vice versa.

In fact, one of the coolest things about working with talented food and beverage people in various settings is learning new stuff, or a better way to do things. Yesterday, one of the fellas showed me how to pull my own espresso, crema and all. That whatnot was life-changing.

Allow me a moment before going all outraged barista on me.

I’ve had espresso before. Possibly even well-made. I’ve experienced cuppings. I’ve tasted or bought probably every type of coffee available in my area, out of plain experience or desperation and it was perfectly ‘fine’. Sometimes it is even great stuff.

I’m just as liable to grind my own beans as use a brand, because powdered coffee is sometimes shameful and instant is completely out, for basic reasons, but it can even be glutinized. My idea of ‘flavored coffee’ these days is coffee with cinnamon or nutmeg dusted on it, but I’ll try most things once. I’ll drink it black or can take sugar, sure, but prefer honey, and so on. In other words, I can be just as much of a purist coffee geek as the next person, when I feel geeky about it. We’ll cover tea some other time. Nevertheless.

Heretofore, I have been dancing with coffee using entirely two left feet. Drip, pour over, press, whatever, I wasn’t really ‘tasting it’ the way I can seek and sense flavors. I just drank it, gratefully, like every other schmuck whose mind needs arranging before proper usage. Yes, I do sleep, and sleep well. That seems to be part of the problem. I mean solution. Of course.

The lantern fest
via Lantern Fest on Facebook

Ok, it’s never that bad. I’m a healthy-living kind of honey, but you get the idea.

But this…was like waking up to the entire genre of roasted beans. Seas were traversed. A thousand stories were told. I felt the naked possibilities of learning new languages and discovering new places. My palate was awash in flavors that were instantly apparent and pure. The bitterness was not all-encompassing. I even got ‘the eyebrow lift’.

Also, the caffeine wasn’t as severe, but still effective. That helped.

But here’s the deal. It wasn’t just the coffee. It was the experience of learning, and of doing this myself, in this place and time where my mind is open and receptive and observant. I hope autumn brings new experiences to you too. I wish you a brave new world; spanking fresh, dewy, misty mornings; and brisk walks with the dappled sun on your face. Because this is the brew of life.

Now about that crema…


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