Gluten-Free World on A Table: Asian Takeout Class

World on a Table is going to summer school! Huh?

gf general tso plated watermark

I’m hosting a gluten-free class soon on Saturday July 23rd from 6-9 pm. Magnolia Grill alum and Midway Community Kitchen owner Kathy Gunn has graciously invited me to share some delicious gluten-free food, recipes, tips and tricks with my beloved gluten-free community. Here’s more:

Gluten-Free World on a Table: Asian Takeout at Home – Class at Midway Community Kitchen

Contact: Hadassah Patterson
919.225.9582 (Text preferred)
For Immediate Release:
Chapel Hill, NC (July 12, 2016)– Midway Community Kitchen will be hosting its first gluten-free culinary-style class on Saturday, July 23rd from 6-9 p.m. In gratitude for their invitation,  I will be teaching a gluten-free, restaurant-quality class for home cooks and professionals.
Everyone knows someone who must eat gluten-free. Whether you’re all for dining diversity, a little shy of the controversy, or simply annoyed at the popularity of it, the need for it is here to stay.

Can you help your neighbors, friends, relatives, or coworkers eat or cook a little brighter? Would they enjoy having fun while learning something they’ll use repeatedly?

This class will harmonize professional kitchen and writing skills to put together a simplified format that everyone can enjoy and take with them. If you know me, you know that I’m passionate about supporting local farmers, local businesses, and community efforts.

But I’m equally inspired by cuisines from around the world, and we all enjoy a variety of beautiful cultures in our area. Global cuisines are traditionally dependent on wheat to a lesser degree than the typical American diet. Those wishing to eat and live in a well-balanced way are thus challenged to learn and adapt. Appreciating the opportunity to learn at every intersection is a way of life for the culinary world, yet many of the gluten-free community are limited to this exposure.

It is therefore my hope that this class will be useful. Please spread the word and feel free to get in touch for more information.

Summer Fire and Ice Curriculum:


Spring Roll Party Bar Chill Out- Select ingredients for omnivores or vegetarians and learn the technique for rolling rice paper spring rolls.

Fire up the Wok – An introduction to wok hei for the American gluten-free crowd: General Tso’s chicken or vegetarian option.

Beverages included – Enjoy some social time and networking after class.

Tickets are $65.00 all-inclusive and can be purchased here:

Ingredients will be local, organic/non-GMO, and sustainably produced as much as possible.

I do not recommend borrowing or renting woks for this class, as gluten-residues may remain with seasoned woks. They are very inexpensive at $20-40 USD and will last for years of fun! Participants are welcome to bring their own. We will have a dedicated gluten-free wok for practice on site if this is not an option.

Everyone who registers is entered for the chance to win a FREE 14-inch rust-proof, flat-bottomed wok made by Helen Chen with dual bamboo handles for cool maneuvering. Thanks to Martha Jenkins at independently owned Kitchenworks of Chapel Hill for providing our wok prize! The chances of winning are pretty high. We keep class numbers under 20 to focus on instruction.

Anyone with special dietary needs, including vegan/vegetarian, should email me directly to discuss and be certain supplies are on hand.



Best Culinary Regards,

Contact: Hadassah Patterson*
919-225-9582 text & voice messages

*Email preferred


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