The Got To Be NC Festival and Home Grown Fare

(Disclosure: Honored to partner with the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to bring you this summary of the Got to Be NC Festival and Home Grown Fare 2017 – updated for time lapse)

The Got to Be NC Festival was in full swing this weekend, May 19th-21st, with activities and fun for all ages!

I went out and had a ball, sampling in the Lowe’s Foods Home Grown Fare at the Expo building (‘two doors down’ from the Dorton Arena). Admission is FREE to the Festival. It is also free to get into the Home Grown Fare with your Lowe’s Foods Fresh Rewards Loyalty card. Regular admission is $3.00.

Attendees could also bring their purchases to the Got To Be NC booth to do a “selfie” photo with the selfie frame they had for that purpose.
The first 100 show attendees who mentioned seeing the blogs received a gift at the Got To Be NC booth. This link includes many of the companies which exhibited. Again, parking and admission to the rest of the Got To Be NC Festival was free!

As you’ll recall, we bloggers each featured a NC food or beverage artisan to raise awareness of excellence right in our own backyard, and celebrate the Got to Be NC Festival.

Click here for a fun mini-intro! We’re going in!

Expo building with signage

No sooner than I opened the doors, OSCAR was there to greet everybody…. If you haven’t met the fella yet, you’re in for a treat. Everyone from the big kids to the small ones enjoyed meeting OSCAR, though the little ones actually ran in sheer glee! As a big girl now, I managed to hold onto some decorum. A little.

Then he came right over and we shook ‘hands’! We’re big on hand-shaking in these woods! I’ll call it a cross-intelligence, interspecies salutation. In other words, a ‘claw meets paw’. Call it whatever you want! The big kid in me got a kick out of the whole thing!

Well what’s next? Good food, fun, and drink.

Here are a few snaps I managed to take while sampling and snagging good buys on my way through the building!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok. ‘A few’ was more like 35. But you get my drift! I had so much fun!

It was great to score some delicious snacks, food, and drink from the hard-working people who are my next door neighbors. Keep in mind that a lot of people offer expo-style pricing or specials at events! They’re higher quality than many common items, so still keeping it realistic, get by there the next time you can! If you know me, you know how long I’ve been excited about buying, eating, reading, and basically anything local, if possible.

As a food industry professional, I know firsthand how much sweat equity goes into the products and ingredients which make our area one of the ‘foodiest’ in the country these days. It’s no fluke that many of the chefs and restaurants in the Triangle have garnered national and international acclaim. It all starts here. We support one another, and we support good food!

Not just that, but check out the local artisans and crafters in the general area, and….. have fun! It was like a NC State Fair, only nicer (frankly). But they still have fair food and concessions, as well as a ton of rides!

Sunday was the last day, and they had the $20.00 unlimited rides wristband option again! More thrill for your till! I got fries from Al’s (Al Beckwith stand) right down the way from the Homegrown fare and my ‘small’ order was a good portion! It was a great value. Of course, I couldn’t leave without either a smoked turkey leg or some roasted corn. It’s just my thing. I have to have it!

Here’s a parting panorama for your viewing pleasure:

Ahhh! As a fair-loving North Carolinian since I was ‘knee-high to a Junebug’, the Got to Be NC Festival really hit the spot for fun, food, and festivities! And how wonderful that the weather has cooperated!

I hope you had as great a time as I did when you went out!

Happy Fair-Going!

Check out my #homegrownfare17 vendor spotlight  to have a taste of the Islands right here at home!

And here’s a repeat of the blogroll for my fellow Got to Be NC 2017 bloggers, once again!

Got to be NC Blogger Posts for #HomeGrownFare17


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